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Nordic Asia was founded by a group of individuals looking to utilize their combined experience to redefine quality and efficiency in the solar PV design industry.  Started in 2014, we have already served hundreds of integrators on thousands of residential and commercial PV projects.


Our goal is to provide a one-stop shop for all of your solar PV design and permitting needs, providing fast, quality, and cost effective packages tailor made to your needs.


  • Incorporated in Denver, Colorado. Satellite office in Seattle, WA.
  • Single Point of Contact for all of your solar PV design and permitting needs.
  • Our unique 24 hour turnaround package has been used by customers in 20 states in thousands of projects
  • We work with a network of P.Es to ensure permitting is available on short notice in any state our customer may need approval


  • We’ve worked in 20 states on 1000s of projects
  • Projects are typically designed and turned around in 24 – 48 hours
  • Permitting stamps are typically turned around in 48 hours
  • Some of the larger projects we’ve worked on
  • Some of the smaller projects we’ve worked on


  • Fibox, Finland
  • Jinghua, China
  • Green Power Monitor, Spain
  • Darfon, Taiwan

Manufacturing Partners

  • Swan Electric, Chennai
  • Axon, Chennai