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The global advertising landscape has seen a dramatic transformation over the past decade. While traditional print advertisements in newspapers and magazines have witnessed a decline that threatens the existence of some print news media outlets, market share and interest in interactive advertisement on web, mobile and other innovative media has skyrocketed.

Digital signage incorporates different technologies relying on a set of standards: displays, network infrastructure for content delivery, communication protocols, and software and hardware for management and playback of content. While digital signage is now found in many different scenarios (e.g. traveller information at airports, pedestrian guidance in buildings, cafeteria menus), the major focus is on digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising. Affordable, interconnected, high-definition flat LED displays enables the replacement of static screens by timely targeted and personalized content delivered to the audience. Touchscreens, gesture, and voice recognition provide user interactivity to the content being displayed.

For our digital signage offerings, we have partnered with a leading LED display manufacturer, SANSI Electric. SANSI Electric is a world leading manufacturer of LED based video displays. Over 100K sq.m of outdoor and indoor video signs use SANSI products including two large displays in Times Square, New York. SANSI is also the dominant supplier for LED based highway signs and LED based subway lighting in China. User interactivity is offered through platforms such as Microsoft Kinect that provide a natural user interface to enable customers to interact with the content using language and gestures used everyday.

A broad description of the different markets addressed with digital signage solutions is provided below.

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