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Mounting Structure

Nordic (India) is offering solar mounts for your solar PV projects. Mounts are offered for fixed and ground mounted installations, pitch roof installations, and pole mounted installations. Mounting structural elements including poles, beams, and purlins are manufactured from standard MS profiles that are then hot dipped galvanized and designed to withstand wind loads of 200 kmph. Tilt angles may be varied from 10 to 60 degrees in most cases.


Pitch Roof System

Flat Roof / Ground System

Design Wind Load 55m/s or 220km/hr 55m/s or 220km/hr
Design Snow Load 1.5kg/m2 1.5kg/m2
Steel Structure Hot Dipped Galvonized Iron + Anodized Aluminium Hot Dipped Galvonized Iron + Anodized Aluminium
Module Mounting Area Standard 10msq – Infinity Standard 10msq – Infinity
PV Peak Power 1Kwp – Infinity 1Kwp – Infinity
Total Weight ~20kg Structure only ~80kg Structure only
Tracker Type Fixed Fixed
Dist From Roof to Panel Over 100mm 100mm to 200mm
Tilt Angle Same as Roof Type 10 ° to 60 °
Panel Type Any Type of PV Module Free Any Type of PV Module Free
Maintenance Free, Panel Cleaning as req Free, Panel Cleaning as req
Warranty 10yrs on parts 10yrs on parts
Foundation Type L- Feet for Tin Roof, Hook for Tile Roof Concrete – 250 * 250 * 250 mm (L*W*D), Screws – M12*100