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Solar PV and Hybrid Wind/Solar Systems

Nordic (India) offers fully integrated solar PV systems ranging from 1-100KW for off grid applications. System components include the solar PV module arrays, mounting hard-ware, PV combiner box and wiring, charge controller, battery bank and inverter. The individual PV components are sized to meet specified AC and DC loads. Mounting configurations include rooftop or ground mounted solutions. Design considerations take into account a safety factor for 1-2 cloudy days.For windy locations (where average wind speeds exceeding 4m/s), a small wind turbine may be integrated with the solar PV array to generate energy from both wind and solar energy. The hybrid systems provide for greater energy output (KWH) at lower unit cost


Subsidies are provided by the MNRE at 1.50 lakh INR per kW
Average Hybrid System cost : 2.50 lakhs INR per kW
System capacity must be less than 50 kW

Advantages of Solar Power System

  • Renewable
  • Environment Friendly
  • Non polluting energy source
  • Expected life cycle of 25years
  • Reduce dependence of fossil fuel
  • Save electricity power

Key Features

  • 1KW – 500KW Solar PV System
  • Off Grid or Grid Connected
  • Flat Roof, Slaped Roof, Ground Mounted Configurations
  • Interconnection to Batteries, Diesel Generator
  • Seemless Switching between the different Modes

Why Now?

  • Easy to maintain
  • Zero running cost
  • Income tax exemption
  • Meet your renewable purchase obligation
  • Subsidy is being provided by government for 30% of the capital cost