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Panel Junction Box

Our panel junction boxes are used by leading solar PV module manufacturers of thin film and crystalline solar modules. Junction boxes are supplied for panels rated from 10W to 300W. The panel junction boxes can have 2-4 terminals, and contain upto 6 diodes. The boxes are typically IP65 rated, and meet UL94 flame class. TUV certification is available for selected junction boxes. Listed below are the different types of panel junction boxes with the corresponding model number and panel rating.


Model Number


Current rating, reverse voltage of diode**

Rated Current

Panel Ratings

Dimensions (mm)

Data Sheet

 JH05 JH05 2 terminal, for low power panels 0 3A 10-20W 50x40x10 Download PDF
JH04 2 terminal, for low power panels 0 3A 30W 67x50x17 Download PDF
JH02 JH02 3 terminal, 2 diode 10A, 50VDC 12A 80W 88x74x24 Download PDF
 JH03 JH03 4 terminal, 3 diodes, for thin film modules 15A, 45VDC 12A 150W 104x62x17 Download PDF
JH01 JH01 4 terminals, 3 diodes, commonly used with 60 cell crystalline panels 15A, 45VDC 13A 150W-250W 106x94x29 Download PDF
JH200  JH200 4 terminal 3 diode (metal terminal housing) 15A, 45VDC 20A 300W 151x97x24 Download PDF
JH200A JH200A 4 terminal 3 diode (plastic terminal housing) 10A, 50VDC 20A 250W 140x102x28 Download PDF

** Number of diodes and diode ratings may be customized to suit customer requirement