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Solar 300N performs all tests on PV plants by using of SOLAR-02 remote unit which, after a preliminary synchronisation, save in independent way the values of irradiance and temperature.Only at the end of test the remote unit should be connected again with the master unit to download the recorded data
A synoptic connection scheme on the display helps the user while connecting the instrument to the installation (Single or Three phase) under test


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  • DC/AC TRMS (Single/ Three – phase) Voltage measurement
  • DC/AC TRMS (Single/ Three-phase) Current Measurement
  • DC/AC (Single/Three-phase) Power Measurement
  • AC (Single/Three-phase) Energy Measurement
  • Measurement of Power factor (Single/Three-phase)
  • Measurement of Solar irradiation
  • Measurement of Environmental and Module Temperature
  • Evaluation of testing results : OK / NO
  • Recording of Voltage and Current harmonics upto the 49’th
  • Recording of Voltage anomalies (dips & peaks)
  • Flicker analysis in compliance with standard EN50160
  • Numerical and graphical display of each quantity
  • TFT Colour display with touchscreen
  • Power Supply with rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
  • Memory Extension By means of CF card
  • Data Transfer to external USB memory
  • USB port for PC connection