Solar Module Temperature Monitor

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Solar Module Temperature Monitor

The RTD surface-mount temperature sensor is mounted at the back of the solar PV module and provides Class A accuracy for solar module temperature monitoring applications. It is based on a 2 x 2 x 0.8 mm thin-film platinum RTD and supplied in PFA-insulated 3- or 4-wire configurations (connectors optional). Easy installation is possible via a silicone based self adhesive backing rated to 260 degrees C. Temperature measurement upto 260 degrees C is provided, with an accuracy of 0.35 degrees C at 100 degrees C.


The RTD surface mount sensor connects to a handheld high accuracy RTD input thermometer. Upto two RTD inputs and measurements can be made with each meter. Three different temperature coefficient curves may be selected for measurement. The meters come with dual 4 1/2 digit display, and resolution of 0.1 degrees C. USB interfaces are offered for downloading data into a PC. PC software can be optionally purchased. The meters are provided with a NIST traceable calibration certificate, rubber boot, and 4 AAA batteries.