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Power Clamp Meter

The clamp on power and current/voltage meters provide instantaneous AC and DC current, voltage and power measurements in solar PV installations. The KM 061 enables DC and AC current and voltage measurements (0.1A – 400A, 0 – 600V). The KM 2740 and KM 2745 provide single and three phase power measurements together with AC current and voltage measurements from 0.01A-1000A, 0-600V. Data hold feature and an optically isolated PC interface is available with the power meter. Detailed specifications can be found in the data sheets below.

Clamp – On Meter Special Features

  • Versatile & Safety
  • Backlight display (KM062)
  • Fully Autoranging on all functions for ease of use
  • 4000 Counts high resolution, Fast measurements
  • AC True RMS Voltage & Current Functions (KM062)
  • 30ms Max Hold to capture in rush currents
  • DCA / ACA 0.1 A to 400A non-invasive current measurements
  • Display Hold, Peak -ms Max Hold & Data Hold
  • Relative¬† zero feature
  • Measure line-level ACV frequency via test leads
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Power Clamp Meter Features

  • Light Weight & Stylish
  • 1000A AC Clamp on + Multimeter ranges
  • 600V AC/DC input protection on all functions
  • Automatic selection of DCV , ACV & ACA measurements
  • Fast Audible Continuity
  • Battery Cover with Probe holders
  • LVD EN61010-2-032 CAT III 600V
  • Rugged Fire retarded casing; Soft carrying pouch
  • AC True RMS voltage and current functions
  • PC-Comm (optical isolated PC interface capability)
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