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Solar Radiation Monitor

The solar radiation monitor measures instantaneous solar irradiance (power) and provides the reading in Watts per square meter. You can calculate the total power striking the PV array by multiplying the area of the active PV material by the reading from the meter. You can estimate the output power from the PV array for that condition by multiplying by the advertised module efficiency. You would have to adjust that value for losses, temperature effects, inverter efficiency, etc., to obtain the actual system output.
PV Sensor: The monitor uses a polycrystalline silicon PV cell as the sensor. The cell is mounted on the top end of the meter, perpendicular to the display. The sensor responds to a spectrum bandwidth of approximately 0.3-1.1 microns. The meter is intended for outdoor measurements of natural sunlight. The PV sensor is located behind a plastic diffuser.

The solar radiation monitor can come with and without datalogging options. We carry the following solar radiation monitors in our portfolio.

  • Solar Power Meter – without datalogging
  • Solar Power Meter – with datalogging
  • Daystar Solar Power Meter

Data sheets for these products can be downloaded below.

Solar Power Meter – without datalogging

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Daystar Solar Power Meter

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