Utility Scale Solar Monitoring

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Utility Scale Solar Power Plant Monitoring

Monitoring solutions for grid connected solar power plants is offered in partnership with Green Power Monitor in Spain. GPM’s solutions are being used today to manage over 2GW of solar plants located in over 1500 sites worldwide. GPM’s monitoring solutions for solar powerplants include the following:

GPM PV Portal is a real-time monitoring program that centralizes all of the plant production data and status information. It can be accessed at www.greenpowermonitor.com by going to the GPM PV Portal to review the current data remotely. All you need is a web browser, and you can monitor your plants from anywhere in the world. where you can access:

  • Alarm and notification service via SMS and email
  • Tools for exporting data and creating performance reports..

GPM PV+ is a real-time monitoring and management program that gives you the tools you need to manage every level of your extensive portfolio of plants:

  • Plant Supervision and Operation
  • Maintenance Management
  • Financial Management

GPM SCADA is a local SCADA Monitoring and Management solution used in-plant which allows control over devices, communication with elements and an immediate assessment of plant status:

  • Real time snap shot of plant status (less than 1second latency)
  • Supervision and plant operation (alarms)
  • In-plant preventive and corrective maintenance tool
  • Dashboards for easy visualization of data and communication with devices

Nordic (India) is the authorized sales and service support partner for Green Power Monitor in India.

For more details on GPM solutions please refer to http://www.greenpowermonitor.com, or the following videos: