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Tracking systems that adjust the position of PV modules to follow the sun can boost yields from solar installations by 40% or more. Two basic configurations for tracker systems are available. Single-axis trackers rotate about one axis, azimuthally orienting the panels to track the sun’s movements over the course of a day. Dual-axis trackers provide both azimuth rotation for daily tracking and tilt rotation for seasonal tracking the movement of the sun. Nordic (India) offers standard single and dual axis tracking products for commercial applications (kW scale). These trackers are mounted on a galvanized steel pole structure and use PLC driven linear actuators/worm gears to orient the PV panels and track the sun. The trackers have built in wind protection to protect the panels if the wind speeds are too high. The trackers can accommodate solar PV modules upto 25 sq. m. For larger utility sized installations (>1 MW), please email us your requirements

Single Axis Tracker NI-HST

Single Axis Tracker With TILT NI-HSTT

Dual Axis Tracker NI-DAT