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Renewable Energy Consulting

Nordic (India) provides complete consultancy services in various renewable energy technologies like Solar, Biomass, Wind, Small Hydro, Waste to Energy etc. with ‘Cradle to Graveyard’ approach. We help our customers to find a sustainable solutions by doing things right and also right things at right time. We are backed by vast knowledge, qualification, lateral thinking, experience, expertise, network etc.

Renewable Energy Consulting

  • Market Study & Investment Strategy
  • Pre-feasibility, Feasibility Studies
  • Resource Assessment Study
  • Estimates of Energy Generation
  • Sale / Resale of Licenses
  • Liaisoning with Central / State Govt. Bodies for Approvals / Licenses
  • Technology Transfer
  • Project Formulation & Appraisal for National, International, Multilateral Aid Agencies
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) / Rapid EIA Study
  • Socio-economic Assessment Study
  • Detailed Project Report (DPR)
  • Sourcing Funds – Facilitating Equity & Debt Funds, Carbon Funds, Equipment Finance
  • Purchase Specifications
  • Sourcing Contractors, Suppliers (Civil, Electro-mechanical etc.)
  • Owner’s Engineer
  • Project Management, Monitoring & Verification
  • Power Trading
  • Capital Subsidy / Interest subsidy from Govt. bodies
  • Renewable Energy Certificates (REC)Trading

Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) are nationally tradable certificates, which represent the “Green” component of electricity from Renewable energy sources. RECs are designed to address the mismatch between availability of RE resources in various states and their concomitant obligation to fulfill Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO) targets. These certificates have been introduced to ensure level playing field for companies to achieve the RPOs.


  • Applies for Accreditation
  • Verification by State Agency
  • Accreditation
    1. Confirmation of Accreditation
    2. Intimation for Accreditation
    3. Intimation of Accreditation
  • Applies for Registration
  • Verification by NLDC
  • Registration
    1. Confirmation of Registration
    2. Intimation of Registration
    3. Intimation of Registration
    4. Intimation of Registration
  • Applies for Issuance of REC
  • RE Injection Report
    1. Joint Meter Reading
    2. Intimation of Meter Reading
  • Issuance of REC
  • Intimation of Issuance
  • Project Promoter
  • State Nodal Agency for Renewable Energy
  • SLDC – State Load Dispatch Centre
  • NLDC – National Load Dispatch Centre
  • Power Exchanges
  • Distribution Licensee