Solar arrays and plants use specialized weatherproof connectors for interconnections with panel junction boxes, photovoltaic array junction boxes, or combiner boxes.  These connectors are rugged and designed for long life in outdoor operating conditions and high operating DC voltages.  Commonly used connectors specified in solar plants include MC4, MC3, and T branch connectors.  The connectors come in “male” and “female” types. Nordic Asia is a leading supplier of both male and female MC4 connectors and T branch connectors for MW solar plants.  The connectors are manufactured to exacting specifications required by the solar plants.  The connector shell possesses strong anti-aging, anti-UV capability.  The connectors are IP67 rated and feature a simple snap lock press fit mating mechanism.  The connections between cable and connector are made using specialized crimping tool.  To prevent accidental decoupling, the connectors can be optionally provided with an internal locking mechanism that then requires a tool to disconnect.  The connectors have received TUV certification and meet EN 50521 standards.  Detailed specifications of the MC3, MC4, and T Branch connectors are attached below.

MC3 Connectors

MC4 Cable Connectors


MC4 Panel Connectors


Branch Connectors

MC4 Crimping Tool